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Event Details

This is how it works... 

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra has VOLUMES of sheet music and musical arrangements. New ones, old ones, classic ones, fresh ones… Big Band classics, Motown, standards, 70s and 80s pop tunes, Texas Swing, original arrangements, old worship hymns, modern contemporary worship songs, custom worship arrangements. …musical arrangements for the quintet, the 9 piece set up, our 11 piece big band, the full 18 piece big band, big band with strings, quintet with strings, and custom arrangements for unique musical set ups. Add it all up and it’s a LOT of sheet music. 

More and more our concerts require more than one set of charts to pull off the evening. On a monthly bases we’ll start with the big band and move into a dance set of music. Or we might be on the road with the big band and have an opportunity to lead worship at a church on Sunday. All this causes multiple music logistic nightmares. A key component to the show is moving quickly from song to song. That’s really hard when you are shuffling songs, charts and books around. Moving around the country with all this can be daunting…and don’t talk to me about FLYING with it! 

In July we travel to the other side of the world to use our music to bless the people of Israel. We’ll be doing inside shows, outside shows, big shows, small shows, concerts on the beach, leading worship on the Sabbath and Lord only knows what other opportunities we’ll encounter.

We have found a solution that will take us from the dark ages of bulky volumes of sheet music to a new digital sheet music revolution! A solution that will allow us to move more efficiently on stage and offA company in Montclair, Ca make a road case that will hold 20 iPad pros. Not only will the case safely hold them and transport them but it also charges them! THIS is what we need to do our job and our ministry. is a reseller of digital gear. They offer the iPad pro 1st generation for around $500. The iPads, the case, iPad covers can all be purchased for $12,000. It’s a large investment that will revolutionize how we perform, travel and minister to folks.

Will you consider helping us get to our goal of $12,000?  

The link below contains a super simple way to partner with us on this project.

If you are interested in having The Fabulous Equinox Krewe come perform for you, your friends, your family ...your party... partner with us and we can make that happen! Message us for details

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NO Location
This is not a show,
only a special Ipad Project,
Thank you for your support, GA 31326