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Chant, Sing and Shout

Even for adults, memorizing material can seem tedious and difficult. Just imagine how young children might feel. Make memorizing fun by creating call and response games or silly songs that will cement the information in your child's mind. Use a different accent or volume level to say each day or month, and have your child repeat them back to you at that same volume or accent. Offering a small treat or a prize for getting it right can sweeten the deal and encourage him or her to stay focused.

Make It About the Family

In traditional schools, children must learn calendar skills without the benefit of seeing how it relates to their own lives. Parents who homeschool can make calendar lessons fun and interesting by cheap paper writing service information as it relates to the family. Marking birthdays, holidays and vacations will help your child relate to the calendar more. Displaying family photos from different times of the year in chronological order is a fun way to help your students remember the seasons. The more connections a child can make between the material he or she is learning and his or her own life, the easier it will be for him or her to remember it.

Keep It Playful

After students have learned a new concept, it is imperative that they practice recalling it on their own. Make an inexpensive game by cutting a cheap paper calendar up. Your child can practice putting the months of the year and the days of the week order. If you have regular routines, holidays or vacations that your child is familiar with, you can make an easy matching game. Make paper cutouts of each event and the day, month or season it belongs with. For example, your child might match church to Sunday and Halloween to October.

Make It a Ritual

Eventually, your child will need to use his or her calendar skills every day, so it makes sense to practice them every day as he or she learns them. Doing a morning routine with the calendar can help him or her remembers them long term. Have your child verbalize the full date, including the day, month and year. As he or she is doing that, ensure that she is looking onto a calendar and pointing to the appropriate day. This small routine should take no more than a few seconds every morning, but it will help your child regardless of whether he or she is a visual, tactile or auditory learner.

Interact with the Calendar Often

Giving your child methods of interacting with the calendar will help maintain his or her interest in it as he or she learns these skills. Allow your child to mark the day with a marker or sticker during your morning routine. Encourage him or her to help you add or take down decorations as the season changes. When play dates or appointments occur in your child's life, as him or her to mark them down on the calendar with a sticker or a small picture.

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