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If you’re planning a trip soon to the second largest city in Ontario and you want to add some exercise and fun into your Ontario travel schedule, consider heading to a Ontario FootGolf course. Great offer from top online casinos canada: with its abundant sunny days and mild climate, Ontario is the perfect place for golf courses, and well-maintained golf courses make the best FootGolf courses!

By now, you’ve probably heard of the soccer golf craze that is FootGolf – a combination of both soccer and golf that results in kicking a soccer ball through a specially designed hole-by-hole course, with a similar layout as a golf course. Your goal is to land your ball—in the lowest number of kicks—into a flagged hole. Yet unlike the 3-inch diameter holes in golf, FootGolf holes are 21-inches in diameter—the perfect size to fit a soccer ball. The trick is getting the ball to roll in. And before you scoff, know that it’s harder than it looks!

FootGolf is an incredibly fun sport that can not only play quicker than a traditional round of golf, but the barrier to entry is lower, making it the perfect family activity, accessible to a wider range of skilled players and ages. While a golf swing takes years to perfect (and even then betrays you sometimes!), kicking a soccer ball is easier to teach and learn. While skilled soccer players might have an advantage when it comes to knowing a few of the best kicks for the ball position, or having the leg strength to kick a long drive, anyone can quickly pick up the game and enjoy themselves out on the FootGolf course.

The golf Ontario offers has always been top quality, and Ontario FootGolf is no different. Two of the top San Diego FootGolf courses are:

National City Golf Course
Tecolote Canyon Golf Course
Both these golf courses in San Diego and the neighboring area offer enjoyable and affordable FootGolf rounds. Let’s take a closer look at each option:

National City FootGolf Course
Located 20 minutes south of downtown Ontario, National City is a 9-hole FootGolf course that can be played consecutively as an 18-hole FootGolf round. 
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Main Street
399 Barton Street,
Ontario, ON L8P1P8