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Rosemarie Nasta-Hall is a Trance Healer and Intuitive Medium, who is committed to helping those who are suffering; physically, mentally or spiritually. She has her own unique story of how she channels the Divine. Although Rosemarie utilizes all the Saints, Archangels, Mother Mary & Jesus it is her deep connection with Saint Padre Pio that she is best known for.  When Rosemarie is healing, for an individual or group, Saint Padre Pio merges with her soul and they become one. St. Padre Pio, St. Anthony, St. Peregrine , St. Francis of Assisi & St. Therese The little flower of Jesus have chosen Rosemarie to channel their energy into each and every sacred oil to assist in helping others.

Please join us for a healing afternoon with Saint Padre Pio and The Divine. Stories of faith and miracles; where miracles can happen, since Saint Padre Pio is the Patron Saint of miracles, illness, suffering and healing.

Rosemarie will share her story of how she channels Saint Padre Pio and her journey with him.  Her story will include some of her challenges- lessons here, and how she continues to work on over coming them,  how Saint Padre Pio and the Divine want to help and connect with everyone,  experiences of her  trance long distance healing,  the smallest thing in life can be a Miracle and what Rosemarie is guided to speak about.

Her goal is for you to leave the event with enlightenment , and her mission is to bring people back to faith in the Divine and to believe in what you cannot see; that miracles can happen, and to know that they are always here for us.

The event is as follows:

Guest Speakers: Nancy Marchino- will share the story of a miracle given by St. Padre Pio and God.

Chain of Prayers-(optional)- you write out a prayer  for yourself or someone else and another person will receive it to take home with them

·     Prayers will be said to Saint Padre Pio and the Divine. 

·     Healing Meditation: (30 minutes)   Rosemarie will bring in Saint Padre Pio, Saint Anthony, Saint Joseph, Saint Peregrine, Saint Jude, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Theresa The Little Flower, Jesus, The Blessed Mother and God’s white light and The Archangels. They will be present during the meditation, sending their healing energy to all who are ready to receive. Experiencing the energy of the Divine is common during these healing meditations.  Rosemarie is a conduit for the divine.

·    There will be a separate sacred area for those who would like to pray or say the rosary before or after the event. The area will include a beautiful statue of Saint Padre Pio that holds his spirit essence, a drawing of Saint Padre Pio and a drawing of Jesus Christ.  Statue and Drawings are credited to the Artist Peter Criscione. You will be able to write a thank you note or ask for prayers to Saint Padre Pio. All intentions are placed in the hand of Saint Padre Pio. 

-Attendees will receive a one milliliter vial of Saint Padre Pio Oil, one decade of rosary beads with the scent of roses and one Saint Padre Pio medal. The Medal  has his essence energy on it and is blessed by him.

-Sacred oils of the saints, along with other products will be available for purchase.

-Snack will be provided  

-Registration will start at 12:30, to get seating and if you would like to purchase The Sacred Oil of the Saints.

Please feel free to visit my website at to see other events and learn more about me.




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Best Western- Gregory Hotel
8315 4th Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11209