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Rhombus' roots go way back to Tappan, Matt and Bradford's early college years where they met and jammed out in a local funk band called the Ill Gotten Buty around the campus of Illinois State University. Tappan and Bradford played for several years in and around Chicago in the bands ATABA and the LosDes Groove Orchestra. Fritz was originally drafted into ATABAs lineup on bass, and hung-out for what would become Rhombus. Matt resurfaced in 2005 in Chicago and Rhombus was formed. In the fall of 2007, they cemented their lineup by adding local Chicago artist Brandon Warrick, who also played in LosDes G.O.

The Electric Habit started as a song writing project, that has recently started to transform into an actual band. Our main goal is to morph as many genres into our tunes as possible; we hope to never be tied down to one style of music.Our band name is a reference to the book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, by Phillip K. Dick. In the book, humanity becomes addicted and relies heavily on technology to understand their own human emotion. In an age of smart phones, and other distractions, our society seems to be heading in this same direction.So put down your phone, turn off the tube, get those old headphones out, and let your mind wander to The Electric Habit.


Arkansas Dogjaw is an indie-progressive rock power trio from Urbana, Illinois. With hauntingly sweet guitar, aggressive bass, mouth-watering drumming, and powerful vocals, they bring a fresh sound and tangible groove. What makes this band unique and exciting is the diverse musical backgrounds of the members and the way that the genres are combined to create a new, big sound.

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Goose Island Wrigleyville
3535 N Clark St,
Chicago, IL 60657