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Event Details will soon research the US educational system, and will reveal its current state, trends, and prospects. The company experts in education will involve the majority of the state educational establishments in their research. The major problems and challenges along with positive phenomena will be elicited to create a true image of the mentioned system. Nevertheless, negative and positive aspects, and possible ways of improvement of the current situation will be in the scope of the research interest. will conduct the research of multifaceted character, and will embrace all levels of educational settings. The data and information related to all components of the educational system will be thoroughly collected and analyzed. The research outcomes will be presented publicly through online broadcasting.

In addition, the company will focus its research on social problems at schools, colleges, and universities (for example, violence, drugs, health problems, etc.). Not only the structure of establishments, but also people themselves (students, staff, etc.) will be studied to reveal advantages and disadvantages of the current educational system. The research will be of both scientific and practical value.

The research results may become the basis for positive changes. The US Government and educational agencies may use them for their programs and projects aimed to meet the demands of the national population concerning education. In general, the company’s research will evaluate the current situation of the US education, and will give valuable recommendations, pieces of advice, and directions related to positive system transformation.

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Hunter College
695 Park Ave, New York, NY,
New York, NY 10065