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The solutions to poor writing have to be approached at all levels; yes, the colleges do have to deal with the issues here and now, by offering some very good remediation, either in separate classes or integrated with the existing courses. The difficulties in the K-12 schools have a lot to do with 1) overuse of computers and technology - look at how most kids of the last 15 years or so text or write in cryptic phrases or shorthand 2) many classes that address writing have been eliminated or given short shrift, like creative writing, literature, poetry and grammar, all of which help to contribute to decent writing. Even journalism, which I took for two years in High School was VERY helpful in writing concise, clear paragraphs. and 3) Teachers have lost a lot of precious teaching time to Test Prep & testing during the year.  
In short, too much has been sacrificed in K-12 in favor of 'meat & potatoes' learning - math, plain reading & simple writing, non-fiction and STEM courses. None of those are particularly conducive to producing good writing.  That's why at our webinar ace paper writing service experts will talk about what makes your writing outstanding!
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875 Century Park E,
Los Angeles, CA 90067