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Ticket sales for this event ended Sun, Oct 16, 2016

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Church Girl Taboo depicts 5 women of all ages trying to overcome tragic events while holding on to their faith.  This play will uncover the pain of new wounds as well as rip the bandages off old scars exposing emotions that have been bottled up for far too long.  Journey with Christian & Missy Deceived, Naomi & Ben Smitten, Jonathan, Martha, & Angel Hyde, Mona & Shelby Kettle, Sis. Petty Potts ,“Houdini ”Jenkins , and Ida B. & Al Broken as we find out what happens when we allow secrecy, guilt, and shame to rest, rule and abide in our lives.

As Christian and Missy Deceived prepare to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, Christian plans to sweep his wife off her feet with a romantic evening just for two but little does he know, Missy has a few surprises of her own.

Naomi and Ben Smitten have gone through many trials together over the years but after receiving a grim prognosis, Naomi fears that she'll be facing this one alone.

The relationship between Martha and Angel Hyde is about to be tested when Angel decides to confront her mother about the source of her pain and the secrets they've kept from her father.

Mona and Shelby Kettle share a strong bond but Shelby has skeletons in her closet that have left her feeling confused and alone. Their neighbor, Petty Potts, adds to their problems with her meddling behavior while Houdini Jenkins adds a twist that nobody was prepared for.

Ida B. Broken has suffered at the hands of her husband Al for 50 years but she has reached her breaking point. Deciding that she will not be a victim anymore, Ida reacts out of fear and desperation.



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Emmanuel Church of God in Christ
8813 Lockwood Drive,
Houston, TX 77016