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Ticket sales for this event ended Sat, Apr 30, 2016

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Event Details

Chicago April 30th
Please read rules and event info at botton

Event Line Up is 1:00 PM
Doors Open at 2:00 PM
Event is in Main Ballroom
Please read below Rules before purchasing tickets
Event will be over at approximately 9:00 Pm Please have your daughter/son call you for pick up .

Chicago is Presented By Trap Nation
Sponsored by Peta2
Headlining : Devin Hayes

* Logan Morris
* Cristian Oliveras

* Bryan Breeze

* Kyle Moon
* Alexis Simone
* White Girl Mocha
* Chase Payton
* IBobby HD
* Grant Austin
* Zac Thomas
* Zach Deveney
* Charlie Herrera
* Morell
* Its Tristan Goodwin
* Andy WaterFalls
* Jaimie Wilson
* Your Boy Zach
* Kyle Woodcock
* Mikey and Jay
* C-Wil
* Josh Miles
* Ashlyn Kuehl
* Jeff Bullis
* Prince Melo
* Matt Tropp
* Markel Brothers
* Hayden Deveraux
* Veo
* Furillostar
* Woah Faith
* Pshh Liv
* The Sam Cam
* Austin Beaumont 
* Nolan Thatcher
* Kayla Struck
* Harold Thomas
* Michale Ort
* Darren Hill
* Amy Maniak
* Olivia Garbe
* Hanna Grace
* Mia of Collab Channel
* Vince B


* Bella Grace
* Hanna Grace
* Beth Brown
* Monica Struthers
* Caitlyn Trenkler
* Alicia
* Milana Pasqualon
* Celine Sargent
* Kelsie
* Haily YOUNOW
* Grace Boylan
* Gabby Rogalevich
* Project Duo
* SupItsLexi 

Q and A:
Please purchase the ticket for which ever artist you are coming to see - Pick one - Go to Their Link- The Tickets gets you VIP for all artist and GA for show- We are Just tracking Artist fans with the links..Exception is Conner Bobay * and * Devin Hayes  See Below

If You purchases the Hotel Packet please email us and let us know which FOUR boys/girls or combination your coming to see

                               Refund Policy
No Refunds- Artist and Venues subject to change without notice
Credit for another show in area will be given for up to one year.
In event we do not have a show in area ticket is forfeited. By purchasing ticket you acknowledge this POLICY .

No Alcohol No Drugs ..anyone under influence will be asked to leave by security immediately.

No Outside Bottle or food allowed in hotel or venue.

Cameras Permitted

Once you leave venue your wristband will be cut and re -admission is not allowed.

Parents are encouraged to purchase a Parent Pass and enter the event. There will be no lingering in hotel. If you do not have a wristband you will not be permitted to "hang out " on hotel property.

Artist and Media Stars will NOT be walking around the hotel- They will be inside the venue at all times. You will not see them without being in the actual event venue.

Any hotel rules apply in addition. Parking and any fees associated with Hotel is ran directly by the hotel staff. 

All ages welcome- 

Supervision- While we have security it is not our job to supervise any fans outside of event and or staying at hotel. Once a fan leaves the actual event venue their wristband will be cut - Therefore we encourage a plan of action with your child for pick up.

 No one will be allowed to roam hotel. If you leave the venue your wristband will be cut and you must exit the hotel. Parents need a Parent Pass to enter and as well are not allowed to wait in the hotel area. We have plenty of space for parents in the event.

Line Up is 12:00 PM for Devin Hayes
Line Up is 12:30 PM for VIP
Line up is at 1:00 PM General Admission 
Event runs 2:00 PM- 9:00 PM

Everyone who has any ticket under $30 there is a $10 VIP upgrade at the door unless you purchased online

Conner and Devin VIP are individual meet greets-You need a $9.99 wristband crossover to meet everyone on this tour stop. You can purchase this crossover on the link.

This is a family style event- with amazing anti bully messages and Peta 2 in attendance. Proper behavior is a must and staff has the authority to remove a fan at their discretion.

Venue, Date of Event and Artist are subject to change without notification.

Any additional questions please email

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Hyatt Regency Hotel
151 East Wacker Drive,
Chicago, IL 60601