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This topic discusses in detail, the process of how to develop high performance expectations through setting SMART goals and objectives, getting the support you need in order to achieve the goals, and how to measure if the goals are working for you and the company you work for.

It is a step-by-step process from defining the objectives, setting up the guiding principles, setting the high performance objectives (HPE), establishing the key accountabilities, working up a development plan, defining the employee and supervisor goals, and setting up the go forward" plan for the actual goal setting processes. We also develop a Goal Matrix" where people can track their progress on a month-to-month basis. 

Why should you Attend: 
So that in the EHS field, yearly, quarterly or monthly goals can be met by the EHS practitioner through the use of these practices. The purpose of high performance expectations and how they relate to goals is outlined. It shows how to align objectives with strategy at every level within the organization so that your goals and objectives match those of the company. It develops a timeline for achieving this. 

We create a contract" within the team that aligns corporate, group, team and individual success, to clarify expectations, to have clear, measurable objectives, to raise the bar with no surprises. We discuss mission, vision and values, strategies, corporate objectives, business asset objectives, team objectives and individual objectives. We identify things you are working on that make the most impact, identify any key problems that need to be solved, consider where the best opportunities are in your role to add value to the business, identify any capabilities you need to develop to make a greater impact. 

We create a SMART draft by developing a verb-object component specifying what is to be accomplished, and a Standards component indicating acceptable performance. Our objectives will be results oriented, not a list of activities. A SMART draft consists of the following:

  • S = specific and clear
  • M = measurable in quantity, quality, dollars, time or safety
  • A = Achievable, practical and realistic
  • R = Results-oriented - define a result, not an activity
  • T = Time-bound - have a target date for completion
We then refine the objectives. We define development and how it works. We discuss the 70-20-20 development philosophy. We define the employee’s role, and the supervisor’s role.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • An overview of the process
  • Purpose of high performance expectations
  • Guiding principles
  • High performance objectives
  • Key accountabilities
  • Development plan
  • Employee and supervisors role
  • Next steps
Who Will Benefit:
  • All levels of EHS practitioners
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Health and Safety Professionals
  • Energy Professionals
  • EHS Managers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Government Officials
Speaker Profile:
James Thatcher the owner and President of Global Safety Solutions, LLC, headquartered in Divide, Colorado. Dr. Thatcher has 35 years of experience in the Oil and Gas, Metals/Minerals and Chemical industry, with management positions in engineering, operations, human resources, safety, health and environment, as well as training and security. 

He has a MS in mechanical engineering, and a Ph.D. in psychology/organizational development. He has had many articles published in the Occupational Hazards Magazine, the VPP Leadership Magazine, IADC driller magazine, and through several organizations such as the National Safety Management Society and the World Safety Organization. He has presented at many seminars, summits, conferences, and association meetings for many years. 
Contact Detail:

NetZealous - Compliance4All,
161 Mission Falls Lane, Suite 216,
Fremont, CA 94539, USA.
Phone: +1-800-447-9407
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Online Event,
161 Mission Falls Lane , Suite 216,
Fremont, CA 94539