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Ticket sales for this event ended Fri, Aug 28, 2015

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The Bent Bones are an aspiring funk band from Bozeman, Montana. A special musical synergy erupted when the members started playing music together and is now being described as non-standard pop music that everyone can enjoy. As scholars of music they are perfectionists. Their sound is crisp, clean and tight. It sits just right in the pocket. Your body moves when their sound is in the air. The energy and musicianship is undeniable and they are a blast to see perform live. The crowd becomes electrified and captivated by their performances.

The Bent Bones met as college students and decided to jam for fun but soon discovered their musical chemistry was undeniable and in need of further exploration. The group spent time fine-tuning and crafting the band’s sound in their studio then began to play college house parties. After promoting and performing at some of the largest parties ever witnessed by institutions, they were embraced by the public and now perform in bars and venues throughout Montana. Assured in their sound the band self produced a four song self titled EP in their studio in Bozeman. In support of the first EP, the band produced a professional music video for the song ‘Black Gold’. 

The Bent Bones EP, video and live shows sparked the interest of Grammy award winning producer and engineer Doc Wiley. In early 2015, The Bent Bones and Wiley negotiated a production and recording deal for their next album. He then worked with the band fine-tuning their sound. In July of 2015, Wiley engineered and produced their album ‘Drivin’ to the Rhythm’ in his personal studio. The album is in postproduction and will be released in the fall of 2015. Film editing and production is underway for three music videos associated with the album and will be released this fall.

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Faultline North
346 Gallatin Park Dr,
Bozeman, MT 59715