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Ticket sales for this event ended Sat, Jan 24, 2015

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The evening promises to be a great time.   Linnea Star has had sell out shows at Montvale Plaza in Woburn, Teresa's in Middleton and The Ship Restaurant in Lynnfield.

Linnea is able to converse with the Spirit World in many different ways. She is well versed in clairaudience (hearing the messages that are being conveyed), as well as precognition (the prediction of the future). In many instances of precognition, the soul of the loved one is able to foretell what is coming in life. During the sessions that Linnea conducts, there are examples of retrocognition (going back into the past to reach those who have made their Spiritual Journey to the great beyond) and psychometry. At certain times, Linnea will hold an object (i.e. jewelry, or a possession) that was once owned by someone in Spirit. Psychometry allows her to get information by tuning into the vibrational field. Linnea can also receive information by holding a photograph (photorecognition). Using a photograph can also allow reception of specific and evidentiary information. When there is a message session, the medium does not really need to use anything to reach the vibration they are seeking. However, it is useful to have the client focus, and thus, using the above methods can bring remarkable results.


Don't miss this incredible evening and a great fundraiser for the Salem High School Music Boosters

** Linnea will attempt to reach approximately 40/50 guests


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Knights of Columbus
94 Washington Square East,
Salem, MA 01970