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Attention: Due to younger adults feeling left out the age limit has been lowered to 18 and up. Get your ticket now.


Extreme Expressions is very pleased to sponsor HaRP and this event, with the majority of the proceeds going to help a good organization work on setting Virginia on a course that can improve life for all the people of the Commonwealth.

Hollaback And Restore Project or HARP is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that is committed to our community through a number of projects and affiliations. As part of the Fatherhood Initiative Harp aims to improve the well-being of children through promotion of responsible and involved fatherhood. 24 million children live without their biological father. There is a father-factor in nearly all societal ills facing America today. Very few causes are as important to the American family as re-connecting children with their biological father.  

HARP’s Restoration of Rights Project assists felons in the process of having their civil rights restored. The current status quo of our justice system attaches a ball and chain to felons after they are  released, making it near impossible  for these people that have paid for their crimes to find employment, get assistance with housing, regain a sense of pride and even get to work if they can get hired. One very important right is the right to cast your vote for the candidate or issue of your choice or to vote out of office a candidate you feel is dishonest or not the right person for the job.

So imagine getting dressed up in a costume, spending a holiday you haven’t enjoyed since you were a kid, having a great time and at the same time doing something that is good for Virginia, good for children and their fathers and in turn doing something good for yourself. Further information about the event can be found at and on our Facebook page Hope to see you there. Remember; costumes are required and don’t forget to bring your ID and ticket.


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Hollaback and Restore Project
305 E Main St,
Waynesboro, VA 22980