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Dinner Benefit For Trevor

Ticket sales for this event ended Sat, Oct 04, 2014

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October 4th at 5:00pm-12:00pm


Trevor Howard is a 8 year old boy who was diagnosed on June 14th 2013 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 98% of his blood was infected by the time they had been diagnosed. The outlook at that point was grim but everyone kept their heads high and Trevor proved us right by kicking cancers butt!! He was given an 85% chance of surviving, everything was going amazing, he was in remission for three months with nothing but postive signs.This little boy Trevor (7 at the time) had just found out he had cancer, I went to see him and asked him what I could get him to make him feel better, I told him I would buy him anything and he responded with "I just want my brothers here". At 7 years old this little boys heart was larger than most grown men. Six weeks ago he went in for a routine check up and they found out the cancer had come back. He was at 30%, no one was to worried though because he had done amazing the first time and we all assumed his body would take as well this time. Well he is now at 96% of his blood being affected and is not responding to chemo or anything else. It has now come to a point where on August 4th 2014 he was given just 2 weeks to live. Our community has been amazing and two photographers, Paige Gabert ( and Rob Corbett ( donated their time on August 9th to photograph and record what may be one of Trevors last days with us. The outpouring of love just reinforces my belief that I live in one of the most places in the world. Due to Trevor being in the hospital about 80% of the time since he has been diagnosed, his mother Stacy lost her job as well as his father Chris. Chris recently got employeed by an amazing company but due to going with out an income for a long period of time they have lost everything. Their house is in foreclosure, they have no money set aside for a funeral, their gas, electric and water are all shut off. They are allowed to live in their house for 12-18 months before it goes up for sale. Stacy and Chris have 2 other little boys as well, Trevor is the oldest. If we can raise enough money we can save their house they have raised their family in (as well as Chris was raised there) and we can bring this family back together as much as possible. 

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Grand Haven Eagles

Grand Haven Eagles
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