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Ticket sales for this event ended Sat, May 24, 2014

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A old threat that has laid silent for decades has arisen... one that can destroy both the Aces and the Operatives, even the entire world! 

But it just "wants to play a game" with our players before making it's first destructive move... and we are not talking a game of chess...

Dominus Down will be an amazing collaborative espionage role-play experience in honor of TWO birthdays: Shamus McClure and The Red Baron! 

Both senior and new players are welcome!

New players will first be compelled to complete their own personal secret 'objectives' through the assistance of senior member players in a speed social spy round. This will ultimately build the cooperative force to challenge this new unique Dominus threat.

Additionally, there is a shocking revelation: the Aces and Operatives will suddenly be working together for this night only! Reason: both sides are threatened by this powerful new force that's preparing to destroy the entire club!

This will be an Aces & Ops first -- a group collaborative role-play social spy game event!

**To commemorate our Time Out NY feature this event is open to both Senior Players and New Players! The Game Masters will prepare everyone to perfection**

**Appetizers served, plus custom drink and quick service food menu**

**Unique collaborative group oriented station games will be employed to attempt to defeat the Dominus!**

Back Story

Two months ago a daring group of new players infiltrated a secret espionage club underneath Bond Street. With the guidance of senior players the room doubled their money by using the Aces' off shore account... (Vesper Room No.1)

A month ago, within a Shanghai boardroom, a table of brave new Aces narrowly prevented the most daring Operatives from crashing the world's banking system... (Interception at Dreamation convention)

Most recently multiple teams battled within a Venetian estate over an exclusive auction. The Operatives struck back with a deadly Nano Virus that resulted in the fatality of a key club member, plus the Operatives captured classified CIA/MI6 intelligence. Meanwhile, the Aces obtained the priceless Crystal Skull. New alliances were made and the battle lines appeared to be drawn... however, now all grievances must be put aside and the Aces & Operatives must finally unite for a single, global cause...

Ladies and Gentlemen, on May 24th Aces & Operatives will stage: Dominus Down! A collaborative espionage adventure!

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306 E 49th Street,
New York, NY 10017