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Ticket sales for this event ended Sat, Mar 29, 2014

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Event Details

Aces & Operatives present Transmission!

You are an international individual of interest and have been cordially invited by Julien Viceroy to a secret auction in the wing of a Venice estate. At the auction attendees may bid on potentially priceless items in order to increase their own vast wealth and collections. Attendees can also bring their own priceless items for auction and profit, while mingling and making secretive connections with some of the most rich, powerful, influential (and lethal) persons on the planet.

However, during the evening other items will be shared. Social contact will require attendees to transmit cards in their possession to other players. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Transmission!

Transmission is an Aces & Operatives original interactive game that that compels new forms of socialization amongst a large group. Transmission is a game of introductions and exchanges. As the true nature of the night's transmissions between attendees becomes more apparent the interaction and tension will rapidly increase and, eventually, culminate in a massive outcome. Transmission is a role-play powder-keg that will entertain both seasoned role-players and new players who seek a unique kind of social-game experience on a grand scale.

Game Details:

- Secret card exchanges between players, this is the main game, call it "floor poker"

- Unique objectives and/or potential sub-plot mysteries that can potentially be solved

- Certain Top A-Lister Players can free-form role-play to support the Game Masters based our new player 'Assets' or 'Liabilities' feature

- We have NOT decided on poker yet, poker may not work for this event's design, we will update all attendees if we include a card table 

- Players can bring an item to present at auction for story (must be pre-approved by us via photo), item will be safely returned to the player when they leave

Event Details:

- Advanced ticket sales only (will sell out, no door cover)

- Full menu + Aces & Ops own original drink menu!

- 007 Costume Play highly encouraged

- Press coverage + photos

- Two dynamic rooms plus Game Master stage

- Classical music soundtrack (not a club feel, a secret Venice estate feel)

More: This will be a large social card-trade game with amazing free-form role-play opportunities for certain A-Listers. Note: Vesper Room money is not involved (that is for Vesper Room), rather the economy will be an auction. The event will be a great venue for experienced role-players to "act and create" plus a truly unique opportunity for new players to become involved in a parallel world of espionage and international power-play.

All ticket purchasers understand and agree to our policies listed on our website's policies page.

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306 E 49th Street,
New York, NY 10017