WTS Halloween Boogie Dinner

RSVP to the WTS Halloween BOOgie 2014 Dinner!
This event ended Sat, Nov 01, 2014
West Tennessee Skydiving
985 Laverne Davis Rd
Whiteville, Tennessee 38075
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This location has Open seating

RSVP your $25 dinner ticket for the West Tennessee Skydiving Halloween BOOgie 2014! You only pay when you arrive!

You will not be charged for this process - select 1. Quantity, 2. Get Tickets, 3. Donate (if you want), 4. Check Out.

Ticket includes: Rib and Chicken platter dinner, 5 raffle tickets, beer, shots and the most badass fireworks show ever!

Be sure to watch the Saturday night feature flick, Shine On Me, a Stetson Memory Film

Thanks! and Blue Skies!

Call or text the organizers for more information

Tim Blalock: 901.692.3961 • Johnny Havron: 615.689.8874

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